Tidal predictions for the South Atlantic, Antarctica, British Overseas Territories and Gibraltar

Predictions spanning one year are available for British overseas and independent territories, the South Atlantic and Gibraltar. Tidal predictions for the next 28 days are also available for UK & Irish ports.

Download tidal predictions for each year below ( PDF files):

South Atlantic and Antarctica

Tristan da Cunha20122013201420152016
Stanley (Falkland Islands)20122013201420152016
King Edward Point (South Georgia)201420152016
Rothera (Antarctica)20122013201420152016
Vernadsky (Antarctica)20122013

British Overseas Territories

St. George's Island (Bermuda)20122013
Cockburn Harbour (South Caicos)20122013
George Town (Cayman Islands)20122013
Tortola (British Virgin Islands)20122013

Gibraltar sea level station