The National Tidal and Sea Level Facility

The National Tidal and Sea Level Facility (NTSLF) is the UK centre of excellence for sea level monitoring, coastal flood forecasting and the analysis of sea level extremes. It is the focus for sea level research in the UK and for its interpretation into advice for policy makers, planners and coastal engineers.

The NTSLF comprises the UK National Tide Gauge Network, geodetic networks for monitoring vertical land movements, and gauges in the British Dependent Territories of the South Atlantic and Gibraltar.

Tide gauge networks

Sea level networks

Find out more about sea level networks in the UK and around the world.

UK real-time sea level data

Sea level data

Get data from tide gauges around the UK coastline.

Tidal predictions

Tidal predictions and information

Get tidal predictions for locations around the UK coastline.

Storm surge model forecast

Storm surge model

The latest surge forecasts from the National Oceanography Centre's storm surge model (run at the Met Office), are available for Liverpool, Sheerness and other UK locations.

Network status

Avonmouth (Portbury) tide gauge damaged on 13/12/13; fixed by 17/01/14.

Bournemouth tide gauge damaged by extreme weather on 28/10/13 and 09/12/13.

Check the current network status.

Read about last winter's storm surges (Dec 2013 & Jan 2014).

Liverpool Tides

Liverpool tide plot

Tidal predictions at Liverpool (next 28 days).
Liverpool tide tables for September & October.

Southampton Tides