High and low water times and heights at Liverpool (Gladstone Lock)

Tidal predictions

Tidal predictions are available for the next 28 days. For information beyond this period, please consider using the POLTIPS·3 software package, available for purchase from the Applications Team.

Times in GMT, heights in metres above chart datum. For times in BST, add one hour.
Predictions DO NOT include meteorological effects.
(H - high water, L - low water)

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Wed 3rd Sep 201404:12 7.74m H 11:06 3.03m L 16:58 7.68m H 23:47 3.04m L 
Thu 4th05:37 7.53m H 12:36 3.06m L 18:25 7.76m H 
Fri 5th01:18 2.80m L 07:08 7.76m H 14:01 2.67m L 19:42 8.23m H 
Sat 6th02:36 2.24m L 08:21 8.31m H 15:09 2.09m L 20:47 8.86m H 
Sun 7th03:43 1.58m L 09:21 8.92m H 16:09 1.50m L 21:41 9.46m H 
Mon 8th04:42 0.98m L 10:11 9.43m H 17:03 1.00m L 22:29 9.93m H 
Tue 9th05:34 0.51m L 10:57 9.77m H 17:52 0.65m L 23:15 10.21m H 
Wed 10th06:21 0.25m L 11:42 9.91m H 18:38 0.49m L 23:59 10.27m H 
Thu 11th07:05 0.24m L 12:24 9.85m H 19:21 0.56m L 
Fri 12th00:42 10.11m H 07:45 0.50m L 13:05 9.60m H 20:01 0.86m L 
Sat 13th01:24 9.74m H 08:24 0.99m L 13:45 9.21m H 20:41 1.37m L 
Sun 14th02:06 9.21m H 09:01 1.64m L 14:27 8.72m H 21:23 1.99m L 
Mon 15th02:51 8.58m H 09:39 2.34m L 15:13 8.17m H 22:10 2.62m L 
Tue 16th03:43 7.92m H 10:27 3.00m L 16:12 7.64m H 23:12 3.15m L 
Wed 17th04:51 7.36m H 11:34 3.49m L 17:30 7.31m H 
Thu 18th00:35 3.35m L 06:17 7.13m H 13:02 3.59m L 18:56 7.35m H 
Fri 19th01:54 3.16m L 07:39 7.34m H 14:18 3.31m L 20:07 7.71m H 
Sat 20th02:58 2.75m L 08:39 7.77m H 15:15 2.89m L 20:59 8.17m H 
Sun 21st03:48 2.32m L 09:24 8.21m H 15:58 2.47m L 21:39 8.57m H 
Mon 22nd04:29 1.96m L 10:00 8.58m H 16:35 2.12m L 22:15 8.88m H 
Tue 23rd05:04 1.68m L 10:32 8.86m H 17:09 1.82m L 22:47 9.09m H 
Wed 24th05:36 1.48m L 11:03 9.05m H 17:42 1.60m L 23:18 9.21m H 
Thu 25th06:09 1.35m L 11:33 9.17m H 18:15 1.46m L 23:48 9.25m H 
Fri 26th06:40 1.32m L 12:04 9.21m H 18:49 1.43m L 
Sat 27th00:18 9.21m H 07:13 1.40m L 12:36 9.15m H 19:24 1.54m L 
Sun 28th00:51 9.09m H 07:45 1.61m L 13:09 9.01m H 19:58 1.76m L 
Mon 29th01:24 8.88m H 08:18 1.92m L 13:47 8.78m H 20:35 2.08m L 
Tue 30th02:04 8.59m H 08:54 2.30m L 14:30 8.47m H 21:17 2.43m L 
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