The Marfrio Mk4 BPR was deployed by the James Clark Ross (Karen Heywood's
cruise) and was recovered by Bob Spencer, Afranio de Mesquita and Carlos
Franca on board the Marfrio fishing boat in early 1997. The deployment
was a collaboration between POL and the Instituto Oceanografico of the
University of Sao Paulo.

Good data exist for May 1995 to May 1996
            QT3       (temperature deg C)
(a)         DQ35126   has pressures to record 43114
(b)         DQ41083   has pressures to record 42235
1st valid scan  = Record No   25
Last valid scan = Record No  35472
Pressure data (flagged) exists after record 35472 but it looks like
the batteries began to run out, although some of the later data look OK.
The temperature channel has a much longer series if required.

Lat  31 59.95S  Long  36 00.7W  Depth  2604m
May 1995  to  May 1996
Drift is small enough to be ignored
Timing has been corrected.