Station Amsterdam (files amsterdam.*)

This station was occupied by BPR's from POL during 1984-88 and from the
University of Grenoble, France during 1991-94.

POL instrumentation 1984-85 was strain gauge pressure sensor with temperature
also recorded. For 1986-1988, a Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure transducer
was used with temperature also recorded. As stated above, the datum of the
pressure measurements is not maintained from one deployment to the next.                                          
See Vassie et al., Journal of Geophysical Research, 99(C1), 937-949, 1994.

For each POL record a long term instrumental drift has been removed. Station
positions (lat, lon) for the southern Indian Ocean should be regarded as
being uncertain to 1 km (or 1 minute) in these pre-GPS days - if this is an
important factor then notes of the scientists in charge can be consulted as
to SATNAV etc. information. 
files amsterdam.9192 amsterdam.9293 and amsterdam.9394:

For the records for 1991 onwards, obtained from colleagues at the University
of Grenoble, no attempt has been made to remove possible
long-term drifts in these pressure measurements.